About Rose Noire

VocalのLouie(Compose Arrange)とViolinのJill(Web、PV等のDirection)の2人によるゴシック・耽美系兄妹音楽ユニット。


2007年にはSONY-ZOOM 1st demo songオーディションにてZOOM賞を受賞。


Rock,R&B,Club Music,Hip Hop,Industrial,Electronica,Jazzなど 多種多様なジャンルの音楽を取り入れた、

Official Blog

Rose Noire was formed by Louie(Vocal) and Jill(Violin) as siblings Goth band,

when we were the students of the Tokyo National University of Fine arts and Music.

Got the prize of ZOOM at SONY-ZOOM DEMO tape competition in 2007.

We are free from predefined genres and concepts and compose our own world in the image of our own existence and music.

Our music is based on Classical Music.

Louie and Jill have received the special education of classical music.

And added the variety of the music,like Rock,R&B,Club music,HipHop,Industrial,Electronica and so on.